Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 14

My dreams of a productive month of researching/editing/rewriting have been waylaid by the distractions of the Commonwealth Games (held on the beautiful Gold Coast where I just happen to live – Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! etc), Bachelor in Paradise (Australia) (the DRAMA) and the latest season of Call the Midwife (I mean – I usually cry at least a few times during that show but the last two episodes of Season 7 BROKE MY HEART) – where was I?  Oh, that’s right.  I was DISTRACTED.

Anyway, today I finally did something productive Camp-wise.  I read a book.  But not just any book – it was Charles & Elsa Chauvel – Movie Pioneers, written by their daughter, Susanne Chauvel Carlsson.  Charles and Elsa Chauvel were behind some of the most successful Australian movies from the 1920’s to the 1950’s, including Forty Thousand Horsemen and The Rats of Tobruk.  They cast a young Errol Flynn in In the Wake of the Bounty before he became a huge Hollywood star,  and introduced the world to Michael Pate and Chips Rafferty.  The book is filled with photographs, newspaper clippings and film posters too, and it gave me a real sense of what it was like to make movies back then – which is handy, as I have a draft novel that has been sitting on my hard drive since 2013 about the silent movie industry in Australia!  The parts about set building, and the logistics of filming on location, were particularly interesting to me.  The cast and crew often suffered great physical hardship to bring these movies to life.

I’m also reading The Great Movie Stars – The Golden Years by David Shipman.  This is a book filled with mini-biographies of just about everyone you can think of – from Fred Astaire to Rudolph Valentino.  There were some pretty juicy scandals back in the day – and although the book mainly focusses on American stars, I think there’s lots of inspiration there to spice up my own little story…

But now it’s time I went to bed.  Hopefully I’ll get some actual writing done tomorrow!


Camp NaNoWriMo – Days 1 & 2

So, Camp officially began yesterday (1 April), and, me being me, I decided to sign up at the last minute (ie about 11.00pm last night)!  I’ve attempted Camp over the last couple of years without much success, because, unlike NaNoWriMo in November, I endeavour to devote Camp to editing, researching and rewriting existing projects.  (Every November, without fail since 2012, I have written 50,000-odd shiny, new words and then left them languishing on my laptop in an ever-growing list of unedited first drafts.  I now have three novels for adults, and four YA novels, to work on.  And I know that, come November 2018, I will probably do it again – because I’m addicted to the challenge of creating a whole new novel in a month.)

Anyway (sigh) once again I’ve set myself a goal of 60 hours – two hours per day – of editing etc for Camp.  It’s Day 2 and I’m already behind.  Come ONNNNNN!

I’ve lost my writing mojo over the last few months – and it’s really getting me down.  Being creative keeps me sane when my day job and my life, in general, is anything but.  So, wish me luck!



‘The Greatest Showman’

Wow. I watched ‘The Greatest Showman’ today (with my two sisters and Mum) and it was fantastic. A great story, wonderful, memorable songs, and a fantastic cast including Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams and Zendaya. So much colour and music and dancing – it’s something you need to see on the big screen. The whole cast was incredible. And did I mention Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron? I loved it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Stranger Things 2

I just finished (binge) watching Season 2 of Stranger Things. OMG. This season was even better than the first. Chapter 8 though. Shocking, scary and sad. Prepare yourself if you haven’t watched it yet…

It has to be one of the best television shows I’ve ever seen. The acting is brilliant, particularly the young leads, the story is funny, scary and original, and the monsters are suitably nightmarish. It’s just so GOOD.

I love it.

My shiny new keyboard…

With another NaNoWriMo under my belt, bringing my total novels to EIGHT (including two completed during a couple of Camp NaNoWriMos in 2014), I decided to reward myself. My laptop keyboard is not ideal for a touch typist like me – it’s too flat – and typing for long periods of time on it actually makes my hands and fingers ache.

But I love my laptop. Solution? An external mechanical keyboard. But this is not just any boring mechanical keyboard. It’s a beautiful white and gold retro keyboard made by Azio (and no, they haven’t paid me to say that!). I’m hoping that using it will inspire me to actually edit and publish my seven unedited and unpublished novels (including this year’s effort) – because it’s sooooo pretty! I can’t wait to try it out!

NaNoWriMo – Day 29 (edging into Day 30)

I’m a WINNER!  Yay!  6,891 words today, bringing my total to 50,281.  My “official” total on the site was 50,628 (and I’m happy to accept that)!   I wrote on only 18 of the 30 days, so once again I made things difficult for myself by being slack for half the month, but I made it in the end.  Woohoo!  Now I can binge-watch Season 2 of Stranger Things guilt free!

Goodnight my fellow Wrimos!  See you all next year!

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NaNoWriMo – Day 28

A hard-won 3,327 words tonight, bringing my total to 43,374.  I’d really like to get over the line tomorrow – but I will probably need that extra day!

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with that total, even though it fell short of my goal (again) of 5,000 words.

Damn you, procrastination!

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NaNoWriMo – Day 27

On the home stretch now, my fellow Wrimos!  I was aiming for 5,000 words today, but I did my usual procrastination thing and didn’t sit down to write until late this afternoon.  Whoops!  However, I did manage 4,129 words, bringing my total to 40,047.  Yay!  I can smell sweet success just around the corner…

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